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We propel founders and startups along the efficient frontier of “What’s Next” through expert advising and capital allocation.

As a bridge between the disruptive and traditional worlds, we help founders identify important problems to solve, often working alongside enterprise design partners and our network of domain experts.

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Tailored program for every stage

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Rapid iteration with real-world domain experts from your target industry and customer base

Enterprise design partners for go to market strategy and product iteration

Connections to customer networks via the Collective

Support from builders collaborating and growing alongside you

Meet Flychain

Crucial insight: Small businesses struggle to get funding from the traditional banking industry – not for poor credit-worthiness but for gaps in essential underwriting data.

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Flychain is a fintech startup in the healthcare sector bridging this financing gap. It offers a comprehensive suite of working capital solutions for small to medium-sized healthcare providers, including upfront cash for insurance claims, lines of credit, and equipment and drug financing. By working with Flychain, providers secure valuable working capital to invest in the growth of their businesses and, on average, increase their revenue by 55% over a six-month period.

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Flychain is one of the first startups to have been incubated at MoVi. From crucial insight to MVP to now scaling, Jaime Deverall and Ethan Schwarzbach, have benefitted from the insight and hands-on support of MoVi’s Collective. MoVi’s Collective contains advisors, multi-time founders, and domain experts at the top of their industries, who meaningfully de-risked this venture by sharing their valuable experience and rolling up their sleeves alongside the founders. MoVi will continue to work with Flychain throughout their journey.

MoVi Incubate supports founders in conceiving and shaping their idea into a scalable, sustainable business.

We work hand in hand across the founders’ journey by drawing from the MoVi Collective and broader network.


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