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What does MoVi Mean?

MoVi Noun
​MoVi represents “mosaic vision”: where multiple eyes work together to form an expansive peripheral vision, providing a highly accurate image of everything that is around us in the world.

The MoVi Ecosystem

Natural systems thrive through varied interactions
amongst many contributors—we do too.

MoVi Collective

The MoVi Collective is a diverse network of professionals and innovators where members interact to learn, solve problems, and motivate each other to deepen our understanding of the world.

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MoVi Evolve

​MoVi Evolve delivers novel growth at the intersection of established industries and frontier technologies. We merge digitally native ways of working with deep domain expertise while working hand in hand with your team.

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MoVi Incubate

MoVi Incubate builds companies from an idea to a product market fit. We provide dedicated support across the founders’ journey by drawing from the MoVi Collective and broader network.

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MoVi Capital

MoVi Capital provides startup capital and follow-on investment to disruptive, high-growth technology companies.

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We bridge traditional industries and disruptive innovation

Portfolio and supported companies

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Fortune 50 C-Suite leaders to first-time founders ranging across industries and functions

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5 StarRating from portfolio companies and clients for support

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We believe that your lived experience, profession, and environment lead to your valuable unique perspective

MoVi aspires to be the place where diverse perspectives come together and form a collective intelligence—helping people and companies reach their fullest potential.

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