Mosaic Vision


  1. Where multiple eyes work together to form an expansive peripheral vision, providing a holistic view of the world around us.
Our core belief
​Our core belief is that diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes. By assembling a diverse community both in terms of background and professional experience, we are all in a better position to solve complex problems and make better decisions through our collective intelligence.
Our Values

All MoVi members embody our four shared values:

​1. Have an insatiable desire to learn
​Members have a natural curiosity and frequently seek the opinions and perspectives of others.
​2. Value collective intelligence
​Community members synthesize diverse perspectives to create unique and better outcomes
3. View obstacles as opportunities
Members see opportunities where others may see challenges and spread optimism to overcome hurdles.
​4. Practice reciprocity
Our members have a positive-sum game mindset and work together to build a bigger pie for everyone.
The MoVi Ecoystem:
MoVi Partners is composed of three interconnected groups:
​The MoVi Community is a diverse network of professionals and innovators across a spectrum of disciplines where members interact to learn, solve problems, and motivate each other to deepen our understanding of the world.
Go to Community
​MoVi Labs supercharges the progress of companies within the MoVi ecosystem by tapping into the collective intelligence of our community. MoVi creates structured opportunities for members to leverage their superpowers to help companies achieve their immediate and strategic priorities.
Go to Labs
​MoVi Capital provides startup capital and follow-on investment to disruptive, high-growth technology companies, sourced from MoVi Labs and the wider MoVi network.
Go to Capital
Our mission is to build a community to solve complex problems by leveraging a collective intelligence created through the synthesis of diverse perspectives.