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In this quickly evolving world, you can’t see the big picture all alone

In MoVi, you benefit from the collective insight of a diverse, collaborative network of founders and experienced professionals bridging disruptive and traditional spheres.

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Through intentionally designed programming, MoVi’s Collective members have a variety of opportunities to learn, connect, build, advise and invest. Each member charts a different path depending on their personal and professional goals, dialing in on what excites them most.

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  • Hear from domain experts about novel technologies and trends.
  • Join small groups to guide your learning journey across topics – from Human Capital to Web3, AI Longevity, and more.
  • Access curated resources through our exclusive members-only platform.


  • Build relationships with leaders and professionals who value curiosity, reciprocity, and integrity.
  • Tap into our members’ Collective Intelligence by participating in curated and personalized introductions facilitated by the MoVi team.
  • Attend in person events including Happy Hours, Salon Dinners, and Live Learning Events in major cities across the US.
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Partner with the MoVi Incubate team to shape your idea into a scalable, sustainable business. Leverage the MoVi Collective and broader ecosystem to supercharge your learnings across the founding journey.


Lend your domain expertise to entrepreneurs and companies transforming the world through advisory and part-time opportunities at the intersection of established industries and frontier technologies.


Invest alongside MoVi Capital and fund the next generation of disruptive, high-growth technology companies. Gain priority access to pre-seed and seed stage opportunities within our network of industry leaders.

As a MoVi member you will be immersed in a community of professionals and founders who are dedicated to exchanging knowledge and expertise

As a MoVi member you will be engaged in work with fellow members supporting companies driving radical evolution and growth

As a MoVi member you will be prepared to surf with the world’s exponential change

Our Shared Values

An Insatiable Desire to Learn

Members have natural curiosity and frequently seek the opinions and perspectives of others

View Obstacles as Opportunities

Members see opportunities where others may see challenges and spread optimism to overcome hurdles

Value Collective Intelligence

Members synthesize diverse perspectives to create unique solutions and better outcomes

Practice Reciprocity

Members have a positive-sum mindset and work together to build a bigger pie for everyone

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The rate of change in business is accelerating and systemic changes are compounding across technology and society.

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