Our Community
Our community comprises a diverse network of professionals and innovators across a spectrum of disciplines where members interact to learn, solve problems, and motivate each other to deepen our understanding of the world.
Member Spotlight

Money Talks. In order to make an impact on climate change, we are focused on alignining capital to this movement...”

Alex Wright Gladstein
Founder and CEO of Sphere
Co-Founder and Founding CEO of Ayar Labs
Member Spotlight

"Tech is leveling the playing field when it comes to fairness and affordability in the rental housing market."

Sipho Simela
Founder and CEO of Matrix Rental Solutions
Member Spotlight

“Biology is at an inflection point. Applying deep tech to the fundamental sciences will unlock the secrets of life

Kian Beyzavi, PhD
Venture Partner @ Cota Capital
Membership Benefits & Opportunities
By joining MoVi, you'll be joining a diverse network of 200+ professionals and innovators across a spectrum of disciplines. ​

Below is a breakdown of the opportunities for members to interact, learn, solve problems, and get involved in the Community:

Getting Involved in the MoVi Community:
🎨 Mosaic Series
💡 In The Queue
🍸 Happy Hours
🍽 Salon Dinners
🪃 Boomerangs
🎓 Guilds
We're just getting started... ❤️ ​We rely heavily on our community for feedback as we grow and layer on new ways for members to build deep, authentic relationships.
🎨 Mosaic Series
Learn from community members about their passions and areas of expertise. Discover new ways to apply these principles in your working and personal life.
💡 In The Queue
Meet the entrepreneurs and companies transforming the world around us.​ Learn from their unique journeys and the lessons learned along the way.​

Supercharge their progress by working with the community to help them achieve immediate priorities and overcome pressing challenges.
🍸 Happy Hours
​Attend local meet-up events with members in the NYC or Bay Area area.
🍽 Salon Dinners
Participate in small, thematic Jeffersonian dinners.​

Meet other members in a more intimate setting and dive deep into a topic of choice.
🪃 ​Boomerangs
Meet new community members through informal monthly coffee chats (in-person or virtual).
​Join a small group of members interested in learning more about a particular topic together (eg. Human Capital, Web3, Longevity, Mental Health, etc.)

​Lead a Guild and help members learn together!
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​ Luma

Our centralized platform where you can read other member profiles, access exclusive MoVi content and events, and find MoVi members near you.​

🧑‍💻 Slack

Participate in daily banter and discussion with other members via our Slack and engage with our various guilds on topics such as web3, human capital, longevity, and geopolitics.

🗞 Monthly Newsletters

​Celebrate the achievements and milestones of other members, join upcoming community events, stay updated on professional opportunities, learn about MoVi Labs portfolio companies, and more!